Change in Leadership at HokoCloud

Cristina Sirbu Steps Up as New CEO


In a practical step that shows its dedication to ongoing improvement and a community-focused mindset, Hokocloud, a standout in the fintech field, has shared news of a big change in its top management. Cristina Sirbu, previously the Head of Sales and also a founding figure of Hokocloud, will assume the role of CEO. Rui Gago will be stepping down from his operational leadership role but will maintain a significant presence within the company, transitioning to a key position on Hokocloud’s Board focusing on technological evolution for the much-anticipated “Hoko 2.0.”

Rui Gago expressed his enthusiasm for this new chapter, both for himself and the company: “Leading Hokocloud has been an immensely rewarding experience, and I am thrilled to begin a new phase where I can concentrate on what I’m most passionate about – shaping the future of our technology. Cristina is the perfect person to take the helm as CEO, and I am confident she will do a fantastic job. Her vision for a more socially connected ecosystem aligns perfectly with our mission and values, and I look forward to supporting her from my continued position on the board.”

Cristina Sirbu steps into her role with a clear, compelling vision for Hokocloud’s future—one deeply rooted in community, performance, and global connectivity. “Hokocloud is more than a platform; it’s a global community that thrives on collaboration and shared success,” Sirbu noted. “As we look ahead, our focus will be on nurturing a product that is crafted by the people, for the people. We aim to bridge traders worldwide, fostering an ecosystem where collective wisdom drives greater performance for each member involved. The future of Hokocloud is not just about technology but about the human connections that technology can facilitate.”

This leadership transition comes at a time when Hokocloud is poised for its next stage of growth, with plans underway for significant enhancements to its platform. The company’s rebranding is not just cosmetic but indicative of a deeper evolution towards a more inclusive, performance-oriented, and globally connected trading ecosystem.

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