Discover, follow and copy professional traders globally with our one of a kind cross compatible social trading investment platform.

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Checkout the best trading signals, trades and copy strategies on the go. Copy forex trading strategies from anywhere in the app.


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why use hoko as a TRADER OR INVESTOR?

Immerse yourself in the world of forex copy trading with Hokocloud. Our platform provides the tools for traders to execute effective copy strategies, connect with a diverse range of global investors, and monitor investment portfolios with advanced risk management tools. Uncover the best trades and decode trading signals to make informed decisions for substantial outcomes.

Supported by a vast consortium of brokers and introducers, our AUM-rich Ecosystem offers an extensive network of retail clients. Navigate this marketplace to identify rewarding opportunities and engage with investors in a dynamic, social environment.

With Hokocloud, you can connect your MT4 or MT5 account, regardless of your existing broker relationships. Our platform retrieves your trade history, conducts a thorough historical analysis, and presents this information to potential investors, enabling you to build trust and set your performance fees.

Leverage Hokocloud’s network and advanced features to boost your trading strategies. Navigate the forex copy trader’s arena with confidence, and realize the results you seek with Hokocloud.



“ With no doubts the best copy trading system, highlighting the support at anytime and very clear.”

antónio fernandes, trader

“Server speed is quick and there is close to no lag when closing trades. Their platform makes it easy to copy trades as well as be a trader for others to copy your trades.”

Sean Ng, trader

“I’ve been using Hokocloud for the last 2 years already and they have always give me the best customer support and great services.”

Emanuel Giurgi, trader

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