Grow your brokerage business by accessing a new target market of investors and financial professionals.


Empower your traders with a personalised branded social trading solution, already connected to a community of traders worldwide


for Brokers

why use hoko as a BROKERAGE BRAND?

Gain a competitive edge for your brokerage

Online retail forex is fiercely competitive, so it is often difficult for brokers to standout in such a crowded sector.  Introducing a tailor-made, accessible, copy trading solution to your customers helps you gain an advantage over your competitors.

Customer referral game-changer

In any industry, customer referral is fundamental, as it significantly impacts and lowers your CPA.  The beauty of this technology is it's intrinsically designed for traders to refer and invite their contacts on to their platform. 

Customer Retention - New and Old

Brokers have found their social traders remain engaged for a longer period – as they will have invested time and effort into building up their profile.  Just like a social media account. The idea is that a network becomes more valuable.


“This collaboration allows us to increase our product offering, enabling us to target new markets and a new window of opportunity for our clientele.”

thomas selby, CSO of one royal

This collaboration will help us continue down the path of offering a best-in-class trading experience by introducing a powerful new tool .”

Mansour & Fakhoury, Founders of cfi

“Their technology helped us to leverage an important niche of Copy/SocialTrading which was in demand from our clients.”

João Monteiro, chairman of 4xc

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