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Caique Artur

30th January

19h Brasilia time

Amplify Your Trading Results – Learn How to Scale with Caique!

Want to take your trading results to the next level? Discover how to scale your success with Caique’s insights. Grab your spot in our upcoming live session and start multiplying your earnings!

Tiago Lacerda

20th February,

19h Brasilia time

Theme: Strategize with Lacerda: Master the Art of Trading with Tiago Lacerda’s Winning Strategies!

Ready to build a trading strategy that delivers results? Join Tiago Lacerda as he reveals the building blocks of successful trading. Sign up now and start shaping your financial future!


Tayná Kehrle

Date to be confirmed in March,

19th Brasilia time

Smart Strategy Finding with Tay: Unlock the Secrets to Identifying Top Trading Strategies!

Struggling to spot winning strategies in the vast sea of trading? Tayná Kehrle demystifies the process in our next live session. Don’t miss out – register today to find your path to consistent profits!

Surprise guest

Date to be confirmed in April,

19th Brasilia time

To be confirmed

Caique Artur

As an entrepreneur, investor and trader, Caique has a solid background in the financial world. Throughout his career, he has achieved significant results by applying innovative strategies to the markets. Caiaque will share all his expertise during the direct, offering valuable insights into the dynamic world of forex.

Forex Maestro Tiago Lacerda

Join us this February for an exclusive session with Tiago Lacerda, a Forex market legend with over 20 years of expertise. Learn proven derivative strategies and insightful analysis from a mentor whose guidance has propelled many to financial success. With Tiago, you’re not just learning, you’re investing in a future of confident trading and realized dreams. Don’t miss the chance to have Tiago Lacerda, the investor’s mentor, by your side. For any aspiring professional investor, Tiago Lacerda is the mentor to have by your side.

Money Expert Tayná Kehrle

March introduces Tayná Kehrle, a seasoned analyst and trader in the Forex market with five years of expertise. Specializing in the concepts of Smart Money, Tayná brings a unique perspective and depth to trading strategies.

Note for April’s Guest:

For April, stay tuned as we reveal more about this guest, another exceptional expert set to join our lineup of trading maestros.

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